Music Festivals

Deja Vu, Szeged Youth Festival, Jazz Festival and A`capella. Listen and watch Hungarian and International artists perform live in the many musical festivals Szeged offers.


3rd - 5th June 2016

This year, Deja Vu, the state of the art festival of Szeged will be held for the third time. As the name suggests the organizers aim to wander down memory lane, and in order to give you THAT real concert moment they have invited some legendary artists and planned a lot of nostalgic programmes.

SZIN – The Youth Festival of Szeged

24th - 27th August 2016

When first organized in 1968 it was the only festival for young people not only in Szeged but in the whole country. Thousands of people visited Szeged, but unfortunately after the political changes due to the lack of money and intention it was not organized for a while. Fortunately, in 2003 Szeged city decided to start the festival again and since then people can enjoy this great event of Szeged again. The festival is organised at the end of summer and the location is just perfect. It is held on a campsite with a pool just about five minutes from the city centre. The programme always offers a selection of great musicians, both international and Hungarian ones.

Fool Moon International A’cappella Festival

IH Event Centre

The International A`Cappella Fool Moon Festival is being organized by the Event Centre and the Fool Moon Vocal Ensemble for the ninth time this year. The participants of the festival will be the most prominent domestic and foreign performers of the Acappella genre.

Szeged Jazz Days

Downtown movie theater (Belvárosi mozi)

One of Hungary`s first Jazz Festival, the Szeged Jazz Days awaits everybody, who loves music and jazz with concerts.