Dental services

We await our patients with well-trained staff, high quality materials and the most modern dental equipment.
As your satisfaction is our first priority and each dental problem requires individual solutions when you request an offer from us, we will send you a price offer and treatment plan specifically created based on your individual needs and wishes.

The process of getting an offer:

1. Click on the ’price request` button and fill in the form. In our response we will inform you about our indicative prices and proposed treatment schedule. In order to send you a more specific offer we need to receive a fresh panoramic x-ray and will ask you to fill in two forms regarding your general and dental health. The competition of these forms is essential as it informs us about possible dental problems that can’t be seen on the panoramic x-ray and can influence the price and treatment plan.

2. After uploading the panoramic x-ray and completing the forms through your profile page, we will send you our customised offer. What does this offer contain?

It contains one or more treatment plans with the related price so that you could choose the most suitable solution. Your treatment schedule will be subdivided for weeks and will show you on which days you will have your treatments.

Concurrently with the treatment plan we will also create a price schedule for you. This will contain when and how much you will need to pay during your treatment.


Digital Panoramic X-Ray 60 Euros
CT Scan 70 Euros
Intraoral X-ray 20 Euros

Conservative Dentistry

Ultrasonic Calculus Removal 80 Euros
Composite Filling (up to 2 surfaces) 80 Euros
Composite Filling (up to 4 surfaces) 120 Euros
Cement Filling / Stump Build-Up 45 Euros
Root Canal Treatment + Root Canal Filling (Incisor) 100 Euros
Root Canal Treatment + Root Canal Filling (Premolar, molar) 120 Euros
Core buildup 160 Euros
Tooth whitening (upper and lower) 250 Euros


Metal-ceramic crown 250 Euros
All ceramic crown 350 Euros
Zirconium crown 450 Euros
Inlay (composite or gold, the price of gold is not included) 290 Euros
Ceramic inlay with CAD-CAM 360 Euros
Ceramic veneer 350 Euros
Telescopic Crown (primary and secondary) 390 Euros
Removable partial prosthesis with cast hooks 1290 Euros
Complete, removable prosthesis 800 Euros
Temporary dental prothesis 420 Euros
Temporary crown for the period of treatment 20 Euros
Temporary crown for the period of healing 75 Euros
Core build-up 60 Euros
Overdenture 3500 Euros
Nightguard 120 Euros


Alpha-Bio implant 680 Euros
Nobel Replace implant 950 Euros
Abutment – standard 180 Euros
Abutment – premium 300 Euros
Gingiva former 130 Euros
Simple tooth extraction 60 Euros
Surgical tooth extraction 110 Euros
Wisdom tooth extraction 150 Euros
Sinus lift + membrane and materials 650 Euros
Bone replacement including 1g BioOss 300 Euros